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Throughout our lives we meet many people who disguise themselves as angels. Each person comes with a gift, a guidance or simply a lesson. Therefore I would like to thank the following people in particular with all my heart for the kindness, help and inspirations they have pledged to this business and myself.

Sarah Rigg (write minded publishing) for her proof reading skills and endless inspirational conversations.

Barbara Twiss for incredible coaching and skill.

Sally Kellaway with SKdesigns for your genius graphic designing and beautiful brochures.

Harriet Watson for website design and endless patience, you are truly bionic.

Lorna Metcalfe for the ultimate in guidance and friendship.

Sam Marshall the beauty guru for fabulous ideas and inspirations.

Michelle George photography ace, you deserve all the luck and love that life can possibly throw at you.

For everyone who have supported this business, thank you all.

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