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Aromatherapy Massage

Essential oils have been blended and used to treat ailments and prevent disease for centuries.  It was said that in the days of the plague in London, all the people who worked in the lavender distillaries where spared of this disease.

Due to the antiviral, anti inflammatory and anti bacterial properties of this particular oil it saved a host of lives.


Want to know more?  If you are a massage therapist this is the cherry on the top for your career in health and holistics.


This programme will give you the knowledge to blend your own oils, understand their individual properties, make your own products and deliver a superb massage treatment.  It will boost your credibility as a therapist and your cientelle also.


Subjects covered in this fantastic course include:


Anatomy and physiology recap               Essential oils their properties and origin         blending and mixing


Chakras and auras                                  Notes of the oils                                              Treating disease


Fabulous massage technique                 Consultation/contraindications                         Aftercare


Making your own prescription oils and creams                                                                Health,safety and hygeine


Case studies                                            Code of ethics



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