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Body Massage

There is no greater skill that can heal, calm and relax than the skill of massage.  


Whether you are a therapist who wishes to learn a new technique, a complete beginner, or a couple just wanting to learn a skill for yourselves, we have adapted  a course just for you.


After completing this course you will open the door to a world of holistics where you can go on to study Aromatherapy, Hot Stone and all kinds of complimentary techniques in this exciting and rewarding profession. A-Listers provide 3 courses to choose from.


The Professional Massage Course Is an intensive 4 day course  


This course gives you all the knowledge of an NVQ, for a fabulous career in massage:


Health, safety and hygeine                            Bones/muscles/lymhatics/systems/organs of the body


Anatomy and functions of the skin                 The history of massage


Massage mediums and carrier oils                  Consultation and Contraindications


Massage procedure /technique                       Room set up/ aftercare/marketing


The  2 day Body Massage is a course for therapists who already hold a qualification in massage:


Health, safety and hygeine                            Recap of the anatomy and physiology


Contraindication recap/consultation                Massage technique/aftercare    


The Couples 1 day massage course for learning technique and practical skill:


Massage procedure                     Brief History                               Carrier oils


A written exam and practical assessments will only be significant to the 2 professional courses.

Please contact us directly for more in depth detail about the training programmes.





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