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Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash 3D semi-permanent extensions bring out the eyes beautifully in different lengths, sizes, strengths of curl and colour.

Long lasting and as natural or show stopping as you want them to be. Applied with medical strength glue and adequate skill your client will fall in love with their fabulous eyes.

At A-Listers we use high quality lashes and can order kits etc for you to use on the day.

Please see prices for details, if you have your own kits the price will be modified.



3D Semi-Permanent Lashes is put on as a 2 day course.

It includes the following:
- Health, safety and hygiene

- Equipment and set up

- Contraindications

- Eye diseases and disorders

- Anatomy of the eye

- Consultation and aftercare

- Eyelash procedure

- Marketing

A written exam and practical assessment will take place at the end of the course. On passing you will receive an accredited certificate that will enable you to get insurance and treat clients professionally.

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