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Hopi Ear Candling

The Hopi Ear Candling course is a must for any holistic practitioner or anyone in the field of beauty.

A great relaxing treatment to offer with health benefits and easy to learn.






A Listers offers a 1 day course in Hopi Ear Candling with a full illustrated manual.
On this course you will learn the following subjects and a fantastic relaxing massage procedure:
- Health, safety and hygiene
- Room set up
- A history of Hopi Candles
- Anatomy of the ear
  - Consultation and Contraindications
- Candling procedure
  - Lymph drainage massage to face and scalp
- Aftercare advice
At the end of the course there will be a written exam and a practical assessment to test your skills and knowledge. On successful completion you will receive an accredited certificate awarding you with a diploma. You will be able to obtain insurance and treat the public with this certificate.

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