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Make Up

Make up application is not only a great, fun skill to learn, but also a creative work of art. It is essential to have a knowledge and confidence in this field in todays competative industry of beauty.  You will not only benefit for yourself, but your clients will flock to you as you open the door to many possiblities in your career.


You may want to specialise in make up only or just add it to your belt.  We run a fantastic 2 day make up course and train with high quality brands such as Estee Lauder, Mac, Chanel and Urban Decay.


Our make up courses are geared for the complete beginner to the professional and experianced who would like to pick up as many tips and techniques as they can to perfect their offered trade.

This course will cover all aspects of


The flawless base and day wear


Contouring and bridal make up


Smokey Eyes, Night and evening wear


Catwalk and Fashion.


You will get a fully illustrated manual with all the tips and techniques included.  You will understand skin prep, make up products and how they work, how to apply like a professional with confidence, how to market yourself and much more.  This is always a "winner" for every salon, spa, mobile therapist or simply someone who just wants to know the tips, the tricks and the illusions created by make up.  Be an artist!














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