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From basic to luxury a manicure nail treatment is part and parcel in just one of the fabulous

indulgences you can offer your clients as a trained therapist.  It is top of most price lists and

allows you to be as specialist and creative as your talents will exceed.  At A-Listers we offer 2

main courses.  A basic course, suitable for beginners starting from scratch, and a remedial course whch concentrates more on treatments for the hands, more suited to a therapist who holds a qualification and just wishes to brush up skills and jog the brain cells from previous education!


The Ultimate Manicure course is a 2 day course covering


Health,safety and hygeine                                              The structure of the nail


Bones of the hand and arm                                            Nail diseases and disorders


Benefits/ consultation and aftercare                               Tools of the trade/ product knowledge


Manicure procedure/ massage technique                      Remedial treatments/ paraffin wax etc



The Remedial Manicure course is a 1 day course covering


Manicure procedure/massage technique                       Remedial treatment/ paraffin wax etc


The latest in products to support remedial treatments.


All courses are delivered with a fully illustrated manual, and a theoretical exam and practical

assesment will proceed at the end of each course to demonstrate Knowledge and skill.

A fully accredited certificate will be given on passing the course rewarding you with a diploma

enabling you to perform professional and insurable, services on clients.  Nail it!!!
























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