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Professional Facials

With sophisticated products and the correct education we can almost perform miracles on our skin.

The quest for eternal youth is within our reach as changing the behaviour of our skin can be done. A-Listers are proud to educate our students using luxury products and the BEST facial routine ever.

The 2 facial courses we offer are 'Beginner to Professional' and 'Specialist'. You will not only receive a diploma from us but also a professional certificate form our retailer "Swissdermyl". this gives you the opportunity to open a free account to open with this amazing professional brand. These courses enable you to perform professional 'spa' quality facials on your clients and become a skin care specialist opening the door to major fields within this sector of the beauty industry.






The Facial Course is a 3 day course suited to a beginner or a professional who needs to install previous education. This course will cover the following and more:

- Health, safety and hygiene

- The anatomy and functions of the skin

- Contraindications/diseases and disorders

- The bones and muscles of the face

- Skin types/diagnosis/analysis

- Facial products/ingredients

- Facial routine/facial massage

- Consultation/aftercare/marketing

Specialist Facial Course is a 1 day course for therapists with a qualification and experience only.

This course covers the following and more:

- Health, safety and hygiene

- Consultation/ diagnosis programme

- Professional specialist masks (collagen/seaweed/lifting)

- In depth ingredients and actions

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