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Spray Tanning

Everyone loves a spray tan! This skill will bring money to your business time after time.

Our 1 day course will not only leave you confident and efficient in tanning, you will have fun learning it too.

Our spray tanning courses are done using Sudo and Amber Mist professional ranges. You will receive a certificate directly from them on completion as well as an A-Listers diploma. You will also receive the opportunity to get massive discount on professional kits provided by the companies themselves.


Our 1 day tanning course is accredited by HABIA and Professional beauty Direct.
The course contains a manual which will cover the following:

- Health, safety and hygiene
- The history of tanning
- Anatomy and functions of the skin
  - How the skin tans
- Contraindications/consultation and aftercare
- Equipment/room set up
- Tanning procedure and application
- Marketing

We also provide a manual tanning application course which can be either added to the spray tanning one or put on as a half day course.

This course covers:
- Health, safety and hygiene
- Room set up/products
- Contraindication/consultation and aftercare
- Exfoliation and tan application technique


A small written exam and practical assessment will take place at the end of training day.

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