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Waxing is one of the biggest money spinners in the beauty industry topping most methods of hair removal in popularity. It makes such a great difference to the hair growth you will build a regular clientele in no time.

Our warm and hot wax course will leave you confident and capable with a good knowledge and understanding of the anatomy needed to stand you in the good stead.

The first course is a basic waxing course for a beginner with little or no experience, and we offer a 1 day wax booster course for therapists with a qualification in waxing who need a recap


Basic Waxing Course is a 2 day course where you will learn the following:
- Health, safety and hygiene

- Anatomy of the hair and skin

- Functions of the hair and skin

- History of hair removal

- Hair disorders and hair growth

- Contraindications

- Consultation/aftercare advice

- Waxing procedure and troubleshoot

- Equipment and room set up

- Product knowledge and marketing


Waxing Recap for therapists a 1 day course to bring back your confidence
- Health, safety and hygiene

- Contraindications/consultation

- Waxing procedure and troubleshoot/aftercare

- Equipment and room set up

Both courses complete with a written exam and practical assessment which on passing you will receive an insurable accredited diploma. We use the amazing Outback Organics range in wax for our courses.

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