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Waxing is one of the biggest money spinners in the beauty industry topping most methods of hair

removal in popularity.  It makes such a great differance to the hair growth you will build a regular

clientelle in no time.  


Our warm and hot wax course will leave you confident and capable with a good knowledge and understanding of the anatomy needed to stand you in good stead.


The first course is a basic waxing course for a beginner with little or no experiance, and we offer

a 1 day wax booster course for therapists with a qualification in waxing who need a recap.


Basic Waxing Course is a 2 day course where you will learn the following


Anatomy of the hair and skin                                             Functions of the Hair and skin


History of hair removal                                                      Hair disorders and hair growth


Contraindications                                                              Consultation/aftercare advice


Waxing procedure and troubleshoot                                    Equipment and room set up


Health,safety and hygeine                                                  Product knowledge and marketing



Waxing Recap for therapists a 1 day course to bring back your confidence


Health,safety and hygeine                                                 Contraindications/Consultation


Waxing procedure and troubleshoot/Aftercare                      Equipment and room set up


Both courses complete with a written exam and practical assessment which on passing you will receive an insurable accredited diploma.  We use the amazing Outback Organics range in wax for our courses.





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