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A fabulous day for teens and young adults covering the basics in essential grooming.

This day course has been designed to instil confidence with a fun yet professional edge. Giving tips and developing personal skills in treatments and beauty gaining skills and knowledge for life.

On this day workshop you will learn:

How to perform a manicure, to keep the nails groomed and painted properly.

Shape eyebrows professionally (brows are tinted by the tutor if consented)

How to do a mini facial with professional products we will provide

Application of a natural day makeup from start to finish

A manual is provided with all the information learned and a non pressured chance to purchase skin care at a discounted price.

It's a great opportunity to begin the road to self grooming with expert advice and practical assessment. Practising on themselves and on each other with guidance giving a great start for a young adult in the world of today. This course has been designed to boost self confidence and self love.

This workshop is for age 13 and over.

6 hour day

Price £150

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