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A fabulous day for the stressed out teen or young adult learning massage therapy, the benefits of two particular oils and a 20/30 minute hypnotherapy meditation to begin the day...bliss!

The stresses and pressures of life are mammoth with Covid being thrown into the mix and, our younger generation glued to their screens which little communication that is one to one on a normal level.

This course will teach the skill of how to relax, learn and perform the skill of a back, neck and shoulder massage with Indian head massage techniques including the scalp and face.

Giving is as important as receiving, and this exchange of energy will give a boost of confidence and inspiration as well as introducing such an imperative skill.

The workshop is a practical few hours where you will learn how to switch off using a meditation guided by our professional and amazing hypnotherapist Janice. A massage class is then delivered by Nikki, teaching massage moves demonstrated in which you will perform and receive. Written instructions will be given to take home and the benefits of Lavender, Orange and Frankincense will be discussed and experienced during this session. At the end of this session, you will feel relaxed, empowered and equipped with a new understanding, a lovely few hours and the beginnings of a skill set for your life path.

This workshop is £120

Hours from 10 until 3

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