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Intimate Hot Waxing Course

Hot wax or "pain free" wax as it is known is now a 'must have' skill for any therapist in the beauty field offering hair removing treatments.

As a hot waxing specialist, I have used many reputable brands, and know that your product is "everything" when it comes to getting the perfect result with minor effort and flawless application.

At A-listers we only use the best products  to train with to provide confidence in our students. Outback Organics products are simply amazing and the ultimate to work with.

This is a one day course covering theory and practical where you will perform treatments on models.

A basic waxing certificate and some experience in waxing is a pre-requisite to enable you to enrol on this course. If you do not have this qualification please look at our waxing course.


The intimate hot waxing course covers the following subjects:

- Health, safety and hygiene, and the professional code of ethics

- Recap of basic waxing theory e.g. the structure of the hair, growth cycle and hair types

- Contraindications and sexually transmitted diseases

- Contra actions, before and after care

- Preparation and procedure

- Troubleshooting and recap questions

One completion of the course you will receive a professional diploma and an account with Outback Organics so that you can purchase any products launching your hot waxing skills in a flash. Please see prices and kits for more details or contact us directly for any other information.

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